Nic Halcon is an aspiring abstract painter, using various amounts of colours and shapes to give a unique view to any canvas he touches. Visiting his local art museum during his formative years, Halcon drew inspiration from artists such as Rothko, Mondrian and Pollock to name a few. Halcon set out to draw his own take on abstract art and came through with his own vision which he puts into every painting he takes on.

Like many other artists, his appreciation for photography started off as a hobby and pastime. However, with each shot he gained a deeper understanding of the various factors at play, such as angles, lighting and grounding, soon turning his recreational distraction into a profound passion. 

As an avid traveller, Nic has spent many years traversing the globe exploring unique environments and locations, searching for the perfect spot for his next frame. Nic has made it his life’s purpose to capture these serene moments & experiences and share those memories with as many people as possible.


For any enquiries into the purchasing of any of his artworks or photography please send him a message by clicking on the contact button below.